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Slavic Nightcore

#RO: Nascut din cultura anime si realitatea inconjuratoare, acest gen de nightcore este favoritul meu! Ceea ce incerc eu de fapt,e sa-mi  pastrez o atitudine pozitiva, prin a creea versiuni  nightcore a melodiilor mele preferate din folclorul nostru romanesc si cel slavic.   Mai jos sunt cateva exemple de pe canalul meu de youtube:
#EN: Born from a blend between anime culture and my surrounding reality, this type of Nightcore is my favourite! What I actually try to do is to keep a positive attitude by creating nightcore versions of my favourite songs from the Romanian folklore and the Slavic one. Here you can find a few examples from my own Youtube Channel:

Lytics HERE : A Glory To You, Rus! Versions:
 Mother Earth is great, Rus The Great! Oh, how wide are your lands,
Through the golden fields Dazhdbog’s children came there.
 * Through the old eternal thickets, Through the distant lands,
 Our native brothers began their way – They are Dazhdbog’s sons.
 Raising our menacing flags up, …

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